10 Social Media Ideas for Small Businesses

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  • October 26, 2016

The social media jungle can be difficult to navigate at the best of times, but especially so if you don’t have a map. That’s why most small businesses come up with a strategy to follow when it comes to their various social media campaigns.

However, while a social media strategy is all well and good, you need ideas to build it around. And that’s where some people struggle…

Here are 10 quick social media ideas for small businesses:

1. Polls: Polls are a great way to boost engagement with your audience and they can be as simple as posting a few variations of one of your products and asking people which they like the best.

2. Quotes: Funny, inspiring and motivational quotes always seem to hit the mark with social media audiences, and tend to get a lot of reshares/retweets.

3. Behind-the-brand photos: Why not post some candid pictures of you and your employees. People like to see the people behind a brand sometimes.

4. Fill-in the blanks: Get people to think about your posts by asking them to complete a simple question. For example: “If I could change one thing in the world it would be…”

5. Give recommendations: If you’ve had the pleasure to work with a particularly great business in the past, don’t be afraid to post about your experience and promote said business. They’ll appreciate it and will likely return the favour in the future.

6. Show your human side: Every once in a while publish a post that shows there is a person behind your brand. It could be as simple as a status update that says you’re having a hectic morning because the kids were up late, the car wouldn’t start and then there was traffic.

7. Profile an employee: Post a short employee bio once a week. This works particularly well with point number 3.

8. Latest company news: Even if you’re just a small business, you’ll still undoubtedly have news. New recruits, new products, new events, etc., etc.

9. Weekly round up: Fridays are great for posting weekly round ups. It can be just a few links or posts that have caught your eye over the course of the week, in fact.

10. Answer a FAQ: Maybe there’s a question your customers frequently ask you. Address it by posting the answer on your social media channels.

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