10 ways to boost your Twitter followers

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  • July 5, 2016

If you’ve ever undertaken social media training or completed a digital marketing course, you’ll know that Twitter is a tool you should¬†definitely be leveraging to your advantage.

But while anyone can create an account and send a few tweets, growing a meaningful following is much more of a fine art. And while many of us will never even come to close to achieving the Twitter success of certain individuals РKaty Perry just hit 90 million followers, for example Рthere are things we can do to boost the number of Twitter followers we attract.

1. Follow more people

You want people to start following you? Try following them first. There’s a good chance that if you start following someone new they will often follow you back in return.

2. Seek out influencers

Influencers are basically anyone in your niche that carries significant weight (digitally not physically). These influencers will already have large followings and you can often attract new followers by commenting on their links and involving yourself in discussions. The beauty of influencers is that their followers will invariably be people who you want to connect with.

3. Avoid eggs

Twitter accounts that have the default profile picture (an egg) are often inactive or used purely for spam purposes. Avoid them as best you can because they will add no value to your online marketing efforts.

4. Optimise your bio

Your Twitter bio is your chance to sell yourself to the wider community. Make sure it is optimised, professional and complete. It should serve as a passive way of promoting you and your business.

5. Take advantage of directories

Use online directories, such as Twiends, to responsibly grow your followers list. It helps by enabling you to find users on the platform with similar interests, and is infinitely better than buying followers – something which we would absolutely advise against.

6. Be responsive

If someone retweets or favourites one of your updates, let them know your appreciation by thanking them in a subsequent tweet or following them. Courtesy goes a long way on Twitter.

7. Remain active

Even if it’s just a few new accounts a day, strive to follow new people on a regular basis. It shows that you’re still active on the platform.

8. Retweet strangers

You can win a fan for life by retweeting an update of someone you’re not already following. It’s a very easy way to get a steady stream of new followers.

9. Utilise hashtags (#)

People often search for specific hashtags on Twitter. So if your tweet relates to something specific, be sure to assign a relevant/trending hashtag

10. Use links

It’s a fact that tweets that contain links get more retweets than those that don’t. Therefore, try and include a link to a relevant article or post in the tweets you want to get noticed.

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