3 Benefits of Social Media for Small, Boutique Retail Stores

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  • September 6, 2016

If you’ve got a small, boutique brick and mortar retail store, you might not think that social media marketing is one of your top priorities. After all, you’ve got a store to run and customers are likely to come to it regardless of whether you have a Twitter or Facebook account. Moreover, you’re not trying to compete with the big brands of the world, so have chosen to ignore the allure of social media.

However, you don’t need to be vying for customers against the big brands and spending millions on social media for it to have a positive impact.

Here are a few simple ways in which having a social media presence can benefit your small brick and mortar retail business:

Communicate your opening times

If you’re a small, storefront-focused business, there’s a good chance you don’t already have a website. That’s where an up-to-date social media page – such as the kind you can create on Facebook – can really come into its own.

You can communicate the opening times of your store, its exact location and also provide people with a telephone number. Making simple information like this readily available shows that you are thinking about your customers and want to make their lives easier.

Keep your faithful customers engaged

In your boutique retail store, you undoubtedly pride yourself on giving your customers a first-class service, and that’s one of the reasons why they come back to you again and again. Now imagine if you could build upon that brand loyalty by engaging with them via social media too.

Just keeping them updated – much in the same way you would when they visit – is a great start. Make them feel valued and at the same time keep your brand in their minds. It’s win-win.

Showcase your new products

Just received a range of new products in or got some fresh stock of old favourites? Social media is a fantastic way to announce this to your customers. Take a few great pictures and post them on your various social media profiles. It’s up to you whether you put pricing information or let people enquire. Either way, you’re getting the information out there and that is likely to result in more in-store footfall.

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