3 Keys to Online Brand Building

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  • September 25, 2014
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There are a couple of keys to online success. One of them is building a strong brand. I’m not going to go into detail about what is a brand and how to create your brand here but I will say this – there are 3 keys to creating brand awareness online – be catchy, be creative and be consistent.



Use images that catch peoples attention, are visually appealing or visually ghastly, and people can’t miss them.  They’ll pop off that computer screen like you wouldn’t believe and make sure your content, and your brand, is being noticed.




Everyone can choose a pretty picture from a library of images but finding one that fits, for reasons that others don’t think of, is clever and grabs attention. Don’t be too criptic because people generally won’t spend too much time looking at the image and trying to determine why you thought it was appropriate, but be clever. Use headlines to tie the image to your article or update. Remember, the article is the most important thing and your image shouldn’t detract from the message. But when you’re creative you’ll grab peoples attention, luring them into your brilliance.



There is nothing more confusing to the internet browser than mixed messages. Most people are overloaded simply by browsing the internet. Add a mishmash of colours, fonts, brand messages, logos and ….. you get complete confusion. I’d encourage you to create a style guide for your digital presence. It should spell out and put all the important things in one place, so that when you are creating you can access them easily and ensure you stick to the plan. Here is an article I wrote on creating a style guide for your digital presence.


Stick to these 3 rules and you’ll soon find people saying “I knew it was your article as soon as I saw the image in my newsfeed”. BINGO!


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