3 Steps to Attracting Likes on Facebook

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  • July 25, 2014
Likes on Facebook

“Facebook doesn’t work for my business”

“Nobody on Facebook is interested in my product or service”.

These are typical and normal statements you may be using to explain your lack of results on Facebook.

Of course, this is totally understandable because Facebook is just something else for you to think about, and lets face it … you know how to use Facebook, right?

No debate there. You probably do know how to use Facebook, almost everybody does. But knowing how to use Facebook for business is a completely different thing!

As a business you can’t go out and “add friends” to increase your exposure. You can’t interact with your friends as your business. And so as your business you feel constrained. You feel bound and not able to increase likes.

It’s ok. There are ways to get likes on your page, you just don’t have the knowledge yet. Until now ….

1. Tell People Everyone

You can (and should) be using all offline and online exposure to increase your likes on Facebook. You should have Facebook images and links: on signs around your business; on your business cards; on any printed material you issue or distribute; in ads (both printed and on radio or television); on your website; and any directory listings for your business – just to name a few places.

2. Work As Your Page

You must spend time, on a regular and consistent basis, working as your business. Working as your business on other business pages where your target market have already gathered and are conversing. Please don’t spam or shamelessly self promote there (unless you are offered the opportunity to do so). Join the conversation, allow people to become aware of you and actually like you and consequently like your page.

3. Advertising

You should allocate a budget and continuously promote your business via Facebook advertising. For a relatively small budget you can increase the number of likes on your page steadily and continuously.

You might be saying “I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work”.

My response is …. check what you’re asking them to like. Would you “like” it?

Your page must be “like worthy” and you may even consider offering an incentive or reason for people to join your community. Please don’t discredit the value of providing good content – make it educating, entertaining or thought evoking.

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