3 Tips to Increase your Social Media Shares

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  • August 23, 2016

You’ve written a killer blog post (at least in your eyes) and want to get it out there across all your social media channels for your audiences to see. It’s so good that you know they’ll love it and as a result it’ll get a lot of ‘likes’. But while likes are always welcome and they’re great for gauging the popularity of a post, social media shares (retweets on Twitter) are what we’d all really like to see.

That’s because the organic reach of your posts increases exponentially the more times they are shared. That’s free exposure for you and your brand – who doesn’t want that!?!

But how can you ensure your posts get shared? Here are a few tips to boost their chances:

1. Don’t ask, don’t get

When we want something in life, we ask for it, right? The same applies to the world of social media and there’s nothing wrong with asking people to share your posts providing you do it the right way.

For example, a simple line at the end of your social media post that reads something like, “If you think your friends will find this post valuable, we’d love you to share it with them.” That’s polite and you’re giving them a specific reason to share.

2. Make your posts easy to share

This is especially true when talking about posts on your blog that you want people to share. It’s often the case that someone has been navigated to your blog from a social media site to read your post. When they’ve finished reading, they are still on your blog and may not return to the social media site. That’s why you should have options in place on your blog that allow for easy social media sharing.

Our blog has the sharebar on the left hand side that scrolls as you read down the post. It enables the reader to share the post on any social network of their choosing with the click of a button.

3. Provide real, tangible value

As simple as it sounds, your posts have got a better chance of being shared if they give the reader real, tangible value. A post that lauds your business and screams how great you are, doesn’t automatically say “share me”. A post that contains useful, usable information, which many different people might find valuable, on the other hand, does.

Expecting to see everyone who reads this post share it. Don’t ask, don’t get, right… :-)

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