3 ways to share blog posts on Facebook

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  • December 20, 2012

I recently posted instructions on my blog explaining how to show “posts by others” on your Facebook page. I was so excited to discover this new feature and thought everyone else would be too. But it seems people were more interested in how I got the blog post to share on Facebook with an image :-) So I thought I’d better help out with this.

There are several options for sharing your own blog post so I’ll give you a couple of methods.

1. Manually share the link

This method does not require any fancy plug-ins or apps. You will simple

  1. post to your blog,
  2. view your post,
  3. put your cursor in the address bar at the top of the page and copy this link (on a Mac you’ll hold control and click the mouse pad then click copy, on a PC you can right click then select copy).
  4. go to your Facebook business page and in the status update box you should type a few giving people a good reason to read your blog and then Paste the link and as soon as you paste the link you’ll see a preview of the post below your status. If you have images in your blog post they should appear along side the preview and you can nominate the one you want to appear by scrolling left and right. Share you post and you have completed the manual method of sharing.

2. Share on Facebook Bookmarklet

share on facebook bookmarklet

On most browsers (that’s the page you open when you go on the web ie. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc), you can probably very quickly install a Share On Facebook bookmarklet that will allow you to click a button and post anything from your browser to your Facebook page. This is super quick and easy to install. Just drag the button to your bookmarks and voila, you now have a share button! Remember (if you are working to grow your business page) be sure to nominate share on your page, not your profile.

3. WordPress Plugin

If you are using a WordPress website and would like to replicate the way I’m doing it this is it. I use the “Add Link to Facebook” wordpress plugin. There are a few steps to activate the plugin but the develop does provide good step by step instructions, and once it’s installed and activated you simply type your post, add your image and publish your blog post.


I hope this clarifies for you and I look forward to hearing how you go linking your Facebook page with your blog.


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