4 new Facebook updates to look out for

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  • April 19, 2017

Yesterday, at Facebook’s annual F8 Conference, the social media giant laid out its vision and plans for the future. And while Facebook made many announcements, here are four of the larger ones that really stuck out for us:

Facebook Spaces

Facebook Spaces (as shown in the main picture in this post) is a new app that allows Facebook users to interact with their friends and family in Virtual Reality (VR).

Using a digital avatar created from their Facebook photos (which can be customised later), people can grab their Oculus Rift or Touch and hangout with their friends in a fun and interactive way.

Users can draw with virtual markers, watch 360-degree videos, and bring other friends into their VR world using Messenger calls.

New Messenger Features

Facebook’s Snapchat-rivaling Messenger app is looking to further tighten its grip by encouraging users to utilise more bots built by third parties.

There are already bots that can help Facebook Messenger users shop, order takeaways and even send money internationally, but going forward Facebook wants it bot network to help turn Messenger into the ‘app for everything’.

Developer Circles

The future of apps is only as strong and promising as the developers of tomorrow who will inevitably make them. That’s why Facebook is looking to invest time and money cultivating the next-generation of app developers with its Developer Circles initiative.

It’s a free programme open to any developer who wants to join, and functions as a forum for collaborating and sharing knowledge.

Augmented Reality

When he kicked off the F8 Conference this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg emphasised how important the role of the camera will be in the future of social media.

He said that Facebook is encouraging developers to build new augmented reality effects for the Facebook camera app. For example, if a user wanted to they could take a picture of a room and fill it with candy or put swimming sharks around an image of a cereal bowl.

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