4 Tools to Help Automate Your Content Curation

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  • February 16, 2016

We keep getting told that our social media channels need to be filled with interesting and engaging content. Stuff that will really appeal to our audiences and get them talking about and sharing our updates. But that’s all well and good if you’ve got hours of time on your hands each day and can handpick content to share and craft original stuff yourself.

The reality, however, is that many people – especially those who run small businesses – simply don’t have that kind of time available. This is when taking advantage of tools that help you find content is a must.

Here are three that we’ve used for content curation, which we think you’ll find useful:


The beauty of Buzzsumo is that it allows you to enter either a keyword or domain and it returns the most socially shared content relating to your search query. This is really powerful as it means you can even enter one of your competitor’s website domains and see what content they are actively sharing on a regular basis.

With just a few keywords and a domain or two you can discover great content that’s relevant to your brand.


Feedly is great if you’ve already got several content sources you track, such as publications, blogs and even Youtube channels, as it aggregates them all into one, easy-to-manage stream. This allows you to efficiently scale your social media content discovery process.

Moreover, you can organise all the gathered content into collections to make finding the right stuff even faster. It also plugs into several social media platforms, allowing you to schedule updates effortlessly.


Scoop.it offers a free service (as well as a paid one, of course) which allows you to track content and quickly fill your social media calendar. Furthermore, it offers one-click publishing through your various social channels and can even help you with a Google-friendly splash page.

If it’s good enough for the likes of Forbes, Mashable and VentureBeat, it must be pretty darn awesome.


Although similar to Buzzsumo in the content research space, NinjaOutreach adds an edge with its outreach CRM tool that allows you to promote your content right after hitting publish. This gives you the ability to scale up your content marketing as a whole. Just find the content that received the most shares, create your article around it, and share it to influencers who have previously shared any similar kind of content. Easy!

Are you using any other tools we’ve not mentioned for curating your social media updates? We’d love to know, so please leave us a comment…

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