5 Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Business

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  • November 9, 2016

Are you looking for new ways to freshen up your Facebook marketing?

Have you ever considered starting a Facebook group?

Chances are you already belong to at least one group on Facebook with your personal account, so you already know how they work. But did you know that they can be a powerful marketing tool for your business and can help you nurture your customer relationships?

Here are 5 ways you can utilise Facebook groups to boost your business:

1. Sell Products

Many people have Facebook shops, but did you know you can also sell directly from groups? Okay, so you might not want to create posts for each of your products, but you can use groups to highlight special offers, sale items, etc.


2. Complement Your Offline Offers

Maybe you’re a business that provides value in the form of video tutorials or similar. Access to a private Facebook group that complements these tutorials is a great added extra for your customers. It also costs you absolutely nothing, except the time you need to administer the group and add content.

3. Encourage Discussions

Discussions can sometimes be difficult to facilitate from your Facebook business page, but they are easy in groups. It’s especially effective if you take online multimedia content, such as a podcast or webinar, offline to a Facebook group for further discussion.

4. Provide Useful Information

Facebook groups are a great way to display your knowledge about a particular product or area of expertise. Think of them as kind of like an interactive blog post where people can chip in to the discussion and get some real value in return.

5. Get Feedback and Give Customer Service

Social media has become massively important for customer service and feedback purposes, and groups are brilliant for this. Simply create a private or secret group (public ones can be subject to abuse) and invite your customers to it. The feedback and discussions you’ll witness can be very valuable indeed.

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