A Facebook Page Isn’t Enough!

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  • January 12, 2015

At the core of Mayvin Training is our desire to help businesses be visible online which in turn, enables them to get more customers and grow. 

Our motto is social media made simple and essentially that’s what we’re all about. What you may not know about us, is what we do differently to other social media businesses. We don’t just teach you how to use Facebook or Twitter and send you on your way.

We understand that learning to use Facebook, or any of the other social media tools, is just one part of quite a complex puzzle.

You see your online presence, in today’s world, is:

* your reputation,
* your marketing,
* your credibility and
* your referrer.

Having a Facebook page, or a website, or a Linked In profile is great, but alone and of it’s own right it isn’t enough.

Why, you ask? Because alone it lacks authority, is speaking to just one network or community and it lacks credibility and social proof.

Take Twitter, for example. You may create a great Twitter profile, tweet regularly and establish a strong following … but then what? Say a follower really likes you. They feel like they understand you and have established rapport with you. They would like to do business with you so they send you a private message and ask about your product or service. You reply to their message and they’re on the verge of making a purchase until they Google your business and find …nothing. No website, no directory listings, no evidence that you are a real business. Now, based on what they’ve found, they become skeptical. Are you really a business or are you just a Twitter troll who has lured them into believing you’re in business?

Or another example. You have a great Facebook page and you post images of your products and sell them to your adoring fans. All is going well until …. Facebook changes the rules and all of a sudden the number of people who were seeing your posts declines dramatically. Ooo, I think that actually happened! There is absolutely nothing you can do about it because, it’s Facebook. It’s not your platform and you have no say in how they change the rules.

So how do you combat these types of events? What can you do to avoid either of these scenarios?

You have to build a business presence online which attracts, captures and converts.

That means:

1. understanding who you are and what you’re offering;
2. knowing who your target market is;
3. establishing multiple places where your prospects can find you;
4. creating and sharing valuable content regularly across multiple platforms to attract an audience;
5. engaging with that audience to build rapport and developing sufficient trust with prospects to convert them to customers.

The good news is, there’s a system you can follow to build your online presence. Rather than taking an adhoc, piecemeal approach and struggling to get small portions of your online presence running and then struggling to try and develop it further. Our signature methodology, STEPP, walks you through. It’s a systemised way to build a strategic and effective online presence.

Our signature 2 day workshop – Stand Out Intensive is the first step to success. During the workshop you’ll learn and work on your business. You’ll develop a strategy, setup your profiles, learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram in an efficient daily routine, and plan your content for social media, blogging (whatever you want to produce). We hold nothing back! We share all our secrets, the best (and mostly free, otherwise cheapest) tools you can use, our templates and processes.

You’ll not only understand the tools, you’ll understand why you’re using them. You will be clear on how they’re working for your business in a systemized and strategic way.



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