What is a Mayvin?

A maven (or mayvin) is an experienced, knowledgeable and trusted expert in a particular field who seeks to pass knowledge on to others.

That’s exactly what we do. We strive to learn and remain ahead of the curve with the ever-changing online world so we can share up-to-the-minute skills, tools and techniques with business owners.

Mayvin Training started life in 2009. Mayvin Training founder Francine Bishop believes that social media is one of the most exciting revolutions in business history, with the power to create jobs and wealth across regional areas of Australia, both today and for future generations.

Mayvin Training is a boutique training and consulting business. We have taught and supported well over a thousand business owners to become active online communicators. The result, happy business owners with greater exposure, more clients, and a huge reduction in marketing and advertising budgets.


Why Choose Us

We educate and support people using world’s best tools and techniques with a goal to bring enjoyment and passion to life for the business owner.

Francine BishopThe core of Mayvin Training is Francine’s passion for simplifying otherwise complex things. Francine gains enormous satisfaction from demystifying social media and online tools and making them accessible and useable for every business, regardless of their location.

Mayvin Training is an award winning business, leading the way for supporting businesses. Francine Bishop is the author of Social Media Evolution – a no nonsense strategy to attract customers to your regional business, where she shares her simple and strategic approach to using social media for business marketing and networking.

Mayvin Training is not about bamboozling technical jargon or lofty overwhelming statements. For Mayvin Training it’s all about explaining and utilising the internet in an easy to understand and maintain manner. The goal is clear – to bring business and customer together in new ways.

We are passionate about learning and the learners experience. Francine believes that remaining in the business as a trainer keeps her “finger on the pulse”. Mayvin Training know what’s working and not working in the training arena. In addition we spend hundreds of hours every year learning and upskilling so we can share the best with our clients.

As members of professional associations, business networking groups, Chamber of Commerce and regularly participating in training and being trained we stay in touch with what is working and what isn’t.

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