Advertising on Facebook – To Do or Not?

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  • July 21, 2015
Facebook advertising

When you mention advertising on Facebook you never know what reaction you’ll trigger. It is one of the most controversial topics I can mention when doing presentations. A perfect way to polarize my audience!

I understand both sides of the argument. I acknowledge the frustration of those who feel they’ve put in so much work to grow a loyal Facebook following and now Facebook are pulling their strings. They’re feeling betrayed, manipulated and even misled by Facebook.

I regularly hear broad stroke statements like “I refuse to give Facebook any of my money” and “I will not pay them a cent to speak with my audience”.

I have never, and will never, tell somebody they’re making the wrong decision or they should change their mind. What I can do though, is show them the results others are achieving and let them make an EDUCATED decision.

That’s what concerns me – people are making a decision with some, not all, of the details. I think the best way to help people make a decision is to ensure they understand the choice they’re making.

Ultimately, making a decision to not pay Facebook, may be the right decision but if it’s a decision which costs the business hundreds or thousands of dollars in revenue – it may be a bad decision.

3 things you must know:

1. You nominate who sees your advertisement – based on location, age, circumstance and interests. You’re not wasting your advertising budget on people who you cannot service.

2. You decide the budget you can afford – you are in control of your total spend and you can nominate how much you’re able to pay per “click” or per person who “sees” your ad.

3. You can make calculated decisions – with appropriate systems in place you run the ad, you measure the reaction, the number of leads into your business and the conversions to sales. Not only will you KNOW your return on investment, but you can also pin-point bottlenecks and problems within your marketing and sales funnel.

Let’s look at an example. A client has an average sale value of $250. She runs an advertisement for 1 week at a cost of $50. She attracts 6 new customers into her business, directly from that campaign. Assuming all of these clients spend her average client sale value, that’s a forecast return on investment of $1500. That’s 3000% ROI. That’s an incredible ROI by anyone’s measure.

Secondly, I don’t know of any other advertising mediums where a budget of $50 would get you in front of prospects.

Make an educated decision and approach with caution but don’t hide just because you don’t understand or you feel betrayed.

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