Are You A Cat?

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  • August 30, 2014
business workshops

I recently heard some say this sentence and it really resonated with me. The statement was “sometimes I feel like I’m herding cats”.


Do you get a visual of someone running in circles, chasing unaware, un-trainable and confused cats? I do. It almost makes me chuckle because I can see the frustration, and how funny it would be.


So why does that statement resonate with me you ask?


When I speak to business owners it is very obvious to me they want and need help. I am always asked lots of questions. People will line up and patiently wait for their opportunity to get answers. They absorb all the information I share with good intentions.


When do they become cats? When it comes to implementation.


I can share everything I know with the business owner; I can spell out in black and white exactly what they need to do; but it all means nothing without the business owner (or someone on their behalf) taking action.


But what happens when they leave a presentation or speaking environment? They go back to real life. Back to business where they put their 15 interchangeable hats back on doing client work, accounts, sales, admin, marketing, logistics and warehousing … the list goes on and on.


What they learned the day before is now a thing of the past and although they now have more awareness of what needs to be done, they wander off to the left or right or loop back around on their path (just like a cat) and until they attend their next presentation they can’t find the time to focus and do what needs to be done.


I know what this is like. I attend presentations and always take a notebook because I’m a note taker. I come back to the office and unless something triggers me to do so, I may never look at those notes again. I become the cat.


I believe workshops are the answer.


An environment where you do the work. Instead of taking piles of notes and putting more pressure on myself when I return to work, and then beating myself up when I don’t do what I hoped to. I take the advice and support and get the sh*t done on the spot.


Like you, my time is precious. I no longer spend my time in hyped up, pumped up seminars and presentations where I leave with more work than I came with. I strategically put myself in the right environment to get sh^t done.


How do you make the most of what you learn?



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