Blogging is Back: Facebook Revamps Notes

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  • August 18, 2015

We’re always talking about the importance of crafting great content and effectively engaging your audience and that’s why Facebook’s decision to revamp its Notes offering has got us rather excited.

Remember Notes? You’d be forgiven if you don’t because it’s a feature that has taken a backseat on the Facebook journey over the past five years or so.

Launched in 2006, Notes is a bare-bones blogging feature that allows Facebook users to bash out longer content that might not necessarily be any good as a status update.

Having already fallen from grace since its inception, Notes was buried even further in the Facebook interface when Timeline was introduced in 2011.

But now it seems Facebook are ready to embrace blogging once more and provide users with an effective tool to do so – on Facebook, of course.

Notes has been made to look a lot classier than it did, but at the same time more simple too. Beautiful, full-width images, similar to Facebook cover photos, can now adorn the top of any note and the cluttered sidebars have been ditched.

Speaking to The Next Web, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that some changes were being made, saying: “We’re testing an update to Notes to make it easier for people to create and read longer-form stories on Facebook.”

Here’s what the classier, simpler Notes looks like:


On the face of it, Notes looks to have struck a nice balance between user-friendly for blogging novices, yet oozing enough class to see it utilised by high-profile individuals.

The real test will be whether Facebook puts the power of the Newsfeed behind it. Suddenly, individuals and businesses alike will have an effective way to reach their friends and audiences respectively.

It will mean that a lot more content can stay on Facebook and improve the overall user experience.

Could a rejuvenated Notes spell the end for off-Facebook blogging? Who knows, but certainly not yet that’s for sure.

We’ll be monitoring this development closely.

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