Canva or Fotojet? A (brief) photo app comparison

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  • March 8, 2017

Gone are the days when you had to be a Photoshop whizz to create graphics that were worthy to be posted on your website or social media profiles. Today, just about anyone with a computer can create images that pop using any one of the free platforms that are out there.

Two such platforms are Canva and Fotojet. Both are web-based and can be used to create professional-looking images in very little time.

But which one’s “better”? We have done a short comparison to help you decide.

Here’s how Canva and Fotojet stack up:


Both platforms allow you to sign-up for a free account using either your email address or Facebook login. The latter is very handy if you don’t want to have to remember another new login.


Canva and Fotojet are both online platforms. The fact they are cloud-based means you do not need to download and install any additional software onto your computer. However, the big difference between the two here is that Canva saves all of your previous creations for use at a later date and Fotojet doesn’t (unless you pay and upgrade).

Ease of use

Both user interfaces are surprisingly similar. If you have already used one of them, the other won’t be a big shock to your system. The click, drag and drop functionality works equally well on both platforms and you can create images in minutes.

Available images

Canva seems to win in this area hands down. It has tons of images – some paid, some free. Fotojet, on the other hand, has very few. The paid version might have considerably more, but this comparison is based on the free versions of both apps.

Both platforms allow you to upload your own images for use, but Fotojet goes one step further by enabling you to upload images from your Facebook profile.


Canva and Fotojet both have lots of different fonts. The main difference between the two platforms here is that Fotojet allows you to use your own fonts right away, whereas Canva invites you to upgrade your account.


Both apps feature a number of dedicated templates which make creating bespoke images easy. For example, you can create graphics that are already the perfect size for social media off the bat.

In addition, Fotojet features a bespoke collage creation area, which is great for combining several images into a beautiful arrangement.


While Canva and Fotojet both offer free options, more functionality can be enabled by upgrading your account. Here’s what it costs:





























We love the fact that Canva saves all of your images so you can access them again in the future no matter where you’re logging on from. It’s also extremely easy to use, making it fantastic for beginners.

Fotojet is equally easy to use, but also boasts a number of advanced features, such as the collage creation aspect. It also allows you to more heavily edit images after you’ve uploaded them.

The bottom line is that both platforms are extremely capable image creation tools, and you can’t go far wrong with either.

Do you use either of them? What’s your opinion? Maybe you use another tool completely. We’d love to hear…

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