Content Curation: are you doing it right?

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  • November 4, 2014
Content Curation

Francine’s recent post on how to outsource your blogging provided 8 simple steps you can follow to find yourself a good writer. If, however, you’re still not ready to outsource or simply want another way to add content to your blog, then you should consider content curation.

Content curation is almost certainly something you’re doing already. Do you tweet links to interesting articles you’ve found or post them on your brand’s Facebook page? If so, you’re curating content!

However, to afford real value to your audience and establish yourself as a thought leader, you need to do a bit more than simply sharing links on your social network channels. After all, the whole point of your content strategy is to engage your audience and drive traffic to your website.

Decent content curation is when you add your thoughts, opinions and wisdom to something that someone else has written. By doing this, you are adding more value to the original content, spreading the SEO love by sharing their link and demonstrating your own thought leadership on the subject in-hand.

Obviously, the content you curate needs to be relevant to your industry and ultimately appealing to your target audience. By curating the right content, you inevitably display your brand’s commitment to its demographics and will build trust in the process.

A great tool to help you with your content creation is Right Intel. It helps identify content to which you can add your own thoughts and then helps you shape an effective post to publish across your various channels.

It pulls in information from both RSS and social media feeds, so don’t be surprised if you experience content overload when you first start using it. Persevere and your efforts will be rewarded.

Content curation should definitely be a part of your overall content strategy and is a great way to fill the gaps when you’re not publishing your own original posts. Just be sure to demonstrate your thought leadership by adding your own take on the content that you curate.

Are you already curating content? If so, we’d love to hear about your experiences.

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