Creating an Effective Linked In Profile

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  • October 30, 2013
linked in for business

Although Linked In doesn’t seem to have the appeal of other social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, it’s incredibly useful for professionals and companies as a tool for promotion, networking and tapping into the market for building business.  Thus, creating an impressive and effective account is a must. You need your profile to attract the right people.

Here are some tips on what you can do to spruce up and make your Linked In profile more interesting:

Use an Appropriate Profile Image

Social networking is not dissimilar to offline networking and one of the keys to successful networking is rapport. What is different is you don’t have the opportunity to look the person in the eye, shake hands or connect in a physical sense. What you can do though, is ensure you put a face to your name and enable people to connect with you that way.

You must ensure you have an appropriate photo on your profile. Linked In is a site for connecting with key people, companies representatives and industry leaders and the photo you upload of yourself should convey professionalism and be consistent with your personal brand. Reserve selfies, photos with your pet, or photos of you enjoying the sun by the pool for other social networking sites.

Write an Appropriate Headline

One of the first things people will see when they check your profile, or see you in a search or list of “people they may know”, is your headline. Your headline or title must make you stand out from the masses of other professionals. Avoid putting a generic headline like “Business Owner” and whenever possible, use relevant keywords so that it would be easier for your profile to come up in searches. This will be especially helpful when you want to gain new clients for your business or network with someone from the industry.

Be Concise

When completing your profile be considerate of peoples’ time. Only put work credentials relevant to your profession or expertise. You don’t need to enumerate all of your work experience in this section. You don’t have to include earlier jobs you’ve had while attending high school and college. But include the date, title and employer for each job you’ve held so that it would be easy to find your colleagues, and vice versa. Keep it interesting by adding snippets about your triumphs and achievements in some of those jobs you’ve listed, or ask someone to provide a testimonial for it, to further boost your credibility and expertise. Don’t forget to put the links to your site or blogs, too. As much as Linked In works like an online resume, it’s also a marketing tool for your business. As with the headline, also use appropriate keywords for what you put in this section.

Get References and Build Credibility

Linked In provides the opportunity for connections to “Endorse” you. This feature is helpful in adding substance to your profile and integrity, and endorsements appear in the newsfeed. Both great features but to increase your credibility as an expert in your field, a well-written recommendation from a colleague or a client would be even more significant and advantageous for attracting other leads and potentials. Additionally, you can join several groups related to your business, industry or skill-set to gain credit on your profile.

Connect with Key People

Spend some time looking into the “People You May Already Know” tool available on Linked In and find other connections that will matter to your business. Regularly update your contact page and send invites to those people you think will be valuable to your network, so that you can build your connections properly.

Getting your profile right is the first step in using Linked In successfully.

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