Does a business exist without a website?

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  • February 18, 2016

The answer for many consumers is NO. A website signifies reality. A domain name is your street address in the online world.

Many businesses have ignored the need for a website because:

  1. they haven’t found the right person to interpret their needs
  2. their budget is too tight and a website has been at the bottom of a long “to do” list
  3. they lack confidence
  4. the language and tech talk overwhelms and scares them.

The other problem is – YOUR WEBSITE MUST BE MOBILE RESPONSIVE. A mobile responsive website is not one which simply convert to show clunky buttons and very little information. A mobile responsive website automatically adjusts to the screen size of the consumer. If your prospect is viewing your website on a smart phone, the website will reconfigure to be readable and easy to browse, if they are using a tablet the website will look different again. The information reconfigures to the width of the tablet to be readable and look as though it is designed for exactly that screen. Likewise on a computer screen.

The website does the work for the client:

  • no double clicking or zooming to read your information,
  • no squinting or struggling to find the right button,
  • no website redesign when the next device (say a mini iPad) is released.

Mayvin Website Design and Development

Mayvin websites are affordable, search friendly, mobile responsive, and able to grow with your business. We build our websites on the WordPress platform for a number of reasons – they are cost effective, can be completely customised, and very simple to add content.

The website is the central driver of the business and plays a key role in attracting attention. We recommend every business invest in a web presence and are excited to be able to provide a cost effective, simple solution in web design and development.

We can also provide search friendly and sales friendly copywriting for your website, to ensure your words connect with your target market.

The sooner we start, the sooner you go live.

Samples of our work:

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Here To Help

If your online presence for your business needs improvement, we’d love to help. Ask how we can help you get more customers from the internet.