Engagement is the key to Social Media Success

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  • October 28, 2014

Today, I wanted to talk a little about engagement and the huge benefits it can bring your business in terms of social media reach.

Now when it comes to digital marketing, we’re all in agreement that having an active social media presence is a must. However, some brands approach social media marketing from the wrong angle and then wonder why all their hard work hasn’t produced results.

The ultimate goal of social media marketing, nay marketing, is to promote your products and services in the hope that people will buy/avail them. But, the way in which you do this is crucial and adopting a strategy that focuses on audience engagement is the key.

People are driven by their emotions and it’s these governing feelings that influence their choices and decision-making process. Therefore, if you have followers on your social media channels who are engaged by your updates and realise tangible value from them your marketing efforts will be better rewarded.

But how do you engage someone over the internet? The answer is by providing them with real value and having a two-way conversation. People enjoy reading posts that offer advice, tips and tricks, but if they can then engage with the author of those posts or the company behind them, it takes their experience to the next level.

It’s for this reason that your social media marketing needs to be fluid and adaptable. For example, if someone sends your business a tweet or asks a question on one of your Facebook posts it is imperative that you reply. Failure to do so will inevitably see you lose that person’s interest and, more detrimental for your business, a bit of your reputation.

The time for sales pitches is much further down the line once you have forged a strong relationship. Your initial focus should be on providing value through engaging updates. Sales will naturally follow.

An approach such as this serves to boost your brand’s reputation and increase its reach in the first instance. Be patient with your social media marketing and your efforts will be rewarded in due course.

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