Facebook Ads Manager for Mobile

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  • July 21, 2014

Facebook recently announced a long awaited app! It’s an Ad Manager for mobile devices.

If you’re using Facebook ads you will know how important it is to monitor and control the ads. With such an enormous audience it is really easy to spend your budget and not achieve your desired outcomes.

The trick to achieving results with your ads is to set targets, test, tweak and re-test. There is no template to the perfect campaign. Sometimes the most effective ads will attract clicks very quickly, therefore spending your budget, but if the clicks aren’t converting to a transaction.

When I say a transaction – I refer to the exchange of information as a transaction. There may or may not be monetary exchanged. When you know what you’re aiming to achieve you can measure results.

Facebook Ads Manager App

And now, with the new Facebook Ad Manager App (which will be released soon, according to Facebook), it will be much easier to monitor, pause, stop and start ads, edit budgets, and respond to alerts while you’re on the go.

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