Facebook at Work Now Rolling Out

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  • January 16, 2015

They’ve been threatening it for months, but now it seems that Facebook are finally ready to roll-out their answer to inter-office communication with a new work-focussed social network app.

Facebook at Work, as it’s known, hit the Apple and Google app stores yesterday and is currently limited to a number of organisations who are trialling its use.

But ‘enterprise social’ as a category is nothing new. After all, we’ve had the likes of Jive, Yammer and Socialcast all trying to encourage companies to embrace social tools for work.

So why then does Facebook think that it can do any better? Maybe because it’s the largest social network on the planet and there are literally billions of people worldwide who are familiar with its interface and the way it works.

Therefore, does it not make sense that the social networking giant would look to burst into office spaces too?

Facebook at Work has been developed to give an organisation’s employees an effective and efficient way to organise events, share news, collaborate on files and chat with one another.

Furthermore, the fact that it’s been created specifically for use within companies means that all information is secure, confidential and totally separate from an individual’s personal Facebook account – something that many people will welcome.


Image credit: Facebook

Evidently, Facebook have been using the product for years internally and so it’s not something that’s simply been created and will need a lot of refining going forward.

For now, the app is free-to-use, ad-free and will not gather information about its users, but who’s to say that won’t change in the future? After all, Facebook will need to monetise it somehow.

Chances are, though, that they’ll do so with a subscription-based monetisation model. Although if it did start to serve ads, wouldn’t that be a potential marketer’s dream scenario? Imagine the possibilities and the laser-targeted ad campaigns you could run aimed at certain individuals within an organisation!

Let’s wait and see how it unfolds…

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