Facebook Bringing Live Video to Desktops, Laptops

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  • September 16, 2016

Facebook’s Live Video feature is an excellent way to engage with your audience. However, many people don’t feel that comfortable broadcasting from their smartphones. That could be about to change as Facebook has announced that Live Video will soon be coming to desktops and laptops, too.

Soon, Facebook.com users will get a ‘Live Video’ button in their status update box, which they can use to immediately start live streaming.

According to Adweek, Facebook decided to bring Live Video to people who access the social network via a browser in response to “demand from journalists, vloggers and do-it-yourselfers.”

Making the switch from mobile-only is a huge step for Facebook. Whereas previously it was just competing with Twitter’s Periscope feature, the transition to desktops and laptops places it in the same realm as YouTube and live streaming video platform Twitch.

Add to this the fact that Facebook is currently working on a new way to monetise videos, and you can see that the social media firm has Google’s YouTube directly in its sights.

One of the first Facebook users to test drive the Live Video feature on a desktop was Delilah Taylor, who merely tried it after seeing the icon appear in her status update composer. 

At present, the ability to stream live videos from a desktop or laptop is only available to a “small percentage” of users, but that is set to increase over the next few months.

Now some people – especially those of you with small retail businesses – may be wondering how you could utilise Facebook’s Live Video feature to your advantage. One simple way would be to showcase any new products you might now be stocking. You could do a ‘live’ unboxing and explain to your audience some of the product’s features and let them see it (almost) in the flesh for themselves

Okay, so it’s not quite the same as coming into you store and holding it in their hands, but the video could be enough to make them do that afterwards.

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