Facebook ads not performing? Find out why with Delivery Insights

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  • April 12, 2016

Have you tried using paid ads on Facebook to boost your brand’s reach? Have you found that some ads perform better than others and you’re not sure why? Facebook wants to help.

Facebook’s ad system is designed to display ads to users based on relevance. That is, which ads will most likely resonate with the person seeing them. This approach benefits both the Facebook community – who consume ads that are likely to be relevant to them – and advertisers – who maximise their value from display ads.

The Facebook ad platform encompasses both Facebook and Instagram, which is great for advertisers as it gives them an enormous potential reach.

Perhaps you didn’t know that Facebook ads are paired with individual users using something called an ad auction. The basic premise is that you create a paid ad on Facebook, setting all your display preferences in the process. Facebook then holds an auction between your ad and other similar ads to determine which one is actually shown to the user.

Billions of these ad auctions take place every day.

Facebook wants to give advertisers as much help as possible to get their ads performing well in said auctions and that’s why it has rolled out a new feature called Delivery Insights.

The new tool highlights ad sets that are underperforming and not reaching as many people as they potentially could be. However, the really exciting part of Delivery Insights is that it also offers optimisation recommendations, which are designed to help advertisers make their ads more competitive at auction.

According to Facebook, Delivery Insights will roll out over the next few weeks and advertisers can find feedback relating to their ads in the “Delivery” column at the campaign and ad set level, and also under the “Tools” standalone tab in Facebook Ads Manager.

For more information about Delivery Insights, as well as more tips for optimising your ads, check out this recent Facebook blog post.

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