Facebook Cracking Down on Fake Likes

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  • October 7, 2014
Facebook hate fake likes

A recent post on the Facebook blog substantiates the notion that the social network absolutely detests fake likes. So, if your business has dabbled or is thinking of dabbling in this practice, our advice is don’t.


You’ve seen the ads right? 10,000 genuine Facebook ‘likes’ for a very reasonable sum of money; might seem tempting if you’re a small business who is just embarking on its social media journey.


However, the reality is that fake likes serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever! But if that’s the case, why do people/businesses buy them? The simple answer is to appear more popular than they actually are.


Facebook likes, of course, are one measure of your business or page’s popularity. They show how many different people have connected with you and are following your updates. But if these likes are all fake, your updates, posts and marketing efforts will ultimately fall on deaf ears.


Therefore, what good are fake likes when you are trying to maximise your online marketing strategy? Surely you want to be engaging with people who are following you because they want to and are perhaps likely to avail your services or buy your products in the future.


According to the aforementioned blog post, Facebook are now actively cracking down on fake likes and will remove any suspicious activity that they find. Their sophisticated rules and machine learning can sniff out a fake like from a mile away and their techniques are only going to get better.


They also state that they have obtained “nearly $2 billion in legal judgements against spammers” – ouch!


So, you could end up losing a lot more than just your fake likes.


Our advice is to create quality content that contains fresh ideas which people want to share naturally. This will allow you to forge strong relationships with your customer base and, hopefully, mean that they are more reciprocal to your future marketing activity.


Fake likes benefit no one except the companies who sell them.



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