Facebook Instant Articles now available to publishers

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  • April 19, 2016

We recently told you about how Facebook Live videos are now ranking higher in people’s newsfeeds. Now the social media giant has rolled out another change which is set to revolutionise the way publishers use the platform for content.

Facebook Instant Articles is a feature which is designed to speed up the loading times often associated with content that is being viewed on mobile devices.

You know how it is. You click on something in your Facebook mobile app only to see your phone’s browser open up and before you know it you’re looking on an external website.

That setup is fine if you have super-fast Internet access on your smartphone, but¬†oftentimes people don’t; especially if they are on the move or in rural areas.

Facebook Instant Articles negates those loading times by serving up content directly in the social network’s mobile app. It’s also a feature that helps prevent confusion, as you’re not having to constantly switch between Facebook and your browser.

Facebook says that the feature – even though it reduces traffic to a publisher’s own website – does have its advantages for content publishers too. That’s because Instant Articles are, apparently, read 20% more often; have 70% better retention; and are shared 30% more than regular pieces of content.


More info about Instant Articles can be found in this recent Facebook blog post.

If you produce lots of content and want to start leveraging Instant Articles now, head over to http://instantarticles.fb.com/ and signup.

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