Facebook Live video now ranking higher in News Feed

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  • April 5, 2016

We all know by now that Facebook’s News Feed is designed to display the best and most relevant content to the people who want to see it – even if said posts were published a few hours before the consuming Facebook user logged on.

As part of that process, Facebook analyses certain signals and serves up videos based on what its algorithms determine to be the most relevant. For example, if someone turns on the sound on a video or makes it full screen, this suggests to Facebook that it’s a video that interests them, even if they don’t like or share it.

Now it seems that the social network is taking a similar approach when it comes to ranking Facebook Live videos in News Feed, which may make them a more attractive opportunity for your business.

Facebook Live video was originally designed for celebrities and influencers, but was made available to all Us-based iOS users in January this year and US Android users started taking advantage a month later. It’s a unique way for people and pages to share experiences with their audiences as they happen in real-time.

In fact, Facebook is now considering Live videos as a new content type altogether and as such they will be ranked slightly differently.

Facebook said in a recent blog post that people spend more than 3x more time watching a Live video when it’s actually ‘live’ than they do watching it after the event has passed. This is because people find Live videos a lot more interesting as they happening than they do later in the day. That’s why Facebook Live videos (that are actually live) will rank higher in News Feed.

Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is an advocate of the Live format and has previously said that it provides a way for people to have a more “authentic and intimate experience” when sharing updates on the social network.

Live Video is undoubtedly a fantastic opportunity for businesses to reach their audiences with fresh and engaging updates as they happen. It’s still not available to everyone at the moment, but that’s apparently about to change very soon.

Now could be a great time to start thinking about how you could use it going forward. Perhaps a fly-on-the-wall video at your next business meeting? Show your customers what goes on inside your company.

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