Facebook Now Listening to Provide a Better Ad Experience

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  • September 12, 2014
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We recently informed you about Facebook’s quest to weed out click-bait articles to provide users with a better social networking experience. Well now it seems that they are taking a similar approach when it comes to the content displayed on their ad network.


According to the Facebook newsroom, the social network will now start listening to user feedback to create a better ad experience for all. This is actually a significant step because if it’s successful it will benefit both individuals and marketers alike.


After all, when someone sees an ad that is appealing or relevant to them it makes for a better Facebook experience. Likewise, if marketers are getting their ads seen by more people who they appeal to, their marketing efforts will be greater rewarded.


But being able to hide ads that don’t appeal to you on Facebook isn’t new. In fact, users have been able to do this for a number of years now. However, going forward it seems that Facebook are going to listen more to the specific reason behind why someone hid an ad.


Furthermore, more attention will be paid to the people who don’t hide ads very often and when they do Facebook will take that as a much stronger signal.


Historically, hiding ads has been a simple one-click process:




But now after someone chooses to hide an ad they will be greeted with the following message:




And finally…




Facebook are, quite rightly, going to assume that if one person deems an ad offensive then chances are most other people will too. Therefore, when an ad gets flagged as ‘offensive’ it is likely that it will be stopped altogether.


As a result, the feedback Facebook receive from a few people will ultimately have a greater ripple effect across their entire ad network. This is especially true of the feedback given by people who rarely hide ads.


Facebook say: “When testing this update, we saw that people who rarely hide ads ended up hiding 30 percent fewer ads with this change – meaning when we listen carefully, this feedback helps us show better ads – even to those who aren’t very vocal.”


But don’t worry if you use Facebook ads to promote your business, products or services. The update simply means that your ad will be put in front of more people who are likely to find it appealing and less who won’t.


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