Facebook Outage: Users Turn to Twitter

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  • January 27, 2015

Early on Tuesday morning, Faceboook did the unthinkable: it went down. However, now that the dust has cleared, it’s become apparent that the outage affected more than just Facebook, with Instagram, Tinder and corresponding mobile apps all unavailable – presumably because they all rely on Facebook to function.

But while many people suspected a cyber-attack – a theory that was strengthened when high-profile hacker group ‘Lizard Squad’ said they were responsible for the outage – Facebook were quick to rebuff their claims, saying: “This was not the result of a third-party attack but instead occurred after we introduced a change that affected our configuration systems”.

So, it seems that Facebook themselves were to blame for taking the world’s largest social network and a handful of its associated sites offline for a full hour. And when you consider that Facebook alone boasts an average of 864 million daily active users (at the last official count in Sep 2014), that’s a lot of disgruntled users!

And in true social media style, bewildered Facebook users took to Twitter to vent their frustrations and the hashtag #FacebookDown soon became a popular one, garnering countless comments and images.

Here are a few of our favourite tweets during the Facebook outage:


Now you may be wondering why we are highlighting the fact that Facebook had an outage recently. Besides being highly relevant to our industry, there’s also the fact that the recent Facebook outage underlines the need for businesses to diversify when it comes to social media.

After all, if a Facebook configuration change can knock out several social media sites in one go, doesn’t it make sense that your business shouldn’t be putting all its eggs in one social media basket?

What if the outage had lasted for several hours or days? Okay, so it’s unlikely, but embracing other social networks, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and/or Google Plus, can’t be a bad idea, right?

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