Facebook Profits Soar on the Back of Mobile Ad Revenue

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  • January 30, 2015

We recently reported on an outage that Facebook suffered, which caused many of its users to take to Twitter to vent their frustration. But figures now released by the social networking giant show that Facebook experienced a blockbuster year in terms of profit and that mobile ad revenue was a huge driving force behind their success.

In a statement on the Facebook Investor Relations site, Zuckerberg said: “We got a lot done in 2014. Our community continues to grow and we’re making progress towards connecting the world”.

Making progress? With 1.39 billion active monthly users, I’d say that Facebook has already made significant strides in that ‘connecting the world’ dream!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Facebook’s advertising revenue grew by a massive 53% to $3.59 billion. But, something that may surprise you is that 69% of that total ad revenue came from mobile ad sales.

Interestingly, when Facebook was first floated on the stock market back in 2012, the firm highlighted its desire to make money from mobile users. After all, mobile usage was sharply on the rise and finding ways to monetise that trend was always going to be high on the agenda.

Well, fast-forward to today and it’s safe to say that Facebook have absolutely nailed their monetisation plans and their mobile ad unit is now undoubtedly one of their biggest assets.

The point I’m trying to emphasise – and I’ve done it in several posts now – is just how important mobile users are to your business. They represent a huge proportion of all Internet users and failure to cater for their needs could be a hugely costly mistake.

Does the fact that Google are now telling webmasters to raise their mobile game or face possible penalties not fully underline the immense potential that mobile users hold?

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