Facebook Stories being pushed out to more countries

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  • March 22, 2017

At the beginning of last month, we told you how Instagram’s Stories feature is raining on Snapchat’s parade. Now it’s Facebook’s turn to jump on the stories bandwagon with a feature of its own.

It’s called Facebook Stories (sound familiar?) and it’s designed to do pretty much the same as the Instagram and Snapchat offerings – which have both proved very popular with users.

Last week, Facebook started rolling out the Stories feature to a number of new countries for testing, including Chile, Greece and Vietnam.

So how does it work?

Certain Facebook users can now create and share stories from within the main Facebook app on their mobile devices. The feature focuses around Facebook’s in-app camera and enables users to add fun filters to their pictures, as well as a number of Snapchat-esque lenses. There’s also the ability to add geolocation tags so that other people know where the images were taken.

Shared stories appear at the top of the Facebook News Feed and are accessed by tapping on an individual circle.


There’s even the ability to send a direct message to someone as a reply to one of their stories:


Facebook stories can be created in three steps:

1. Access the app’s built-in camera -by swiping right in the Facebook mobile app.

2. Create your content -record a video or snap a photo and then bring it to life using the range of filters and lenses.

3. Share your story – once you’re happy, share your story with your Facebook friends either by sharing it or sending it through a direct message.

Here’s the catch – the story will only display for 24 hours before being deleted forever, the same as Snapchat and Instagram’s equivalent features.


Facebook is hoping that the new Stories feature will fuel the rise of more user-generated content; something that helped the social network achieve such massive growth in its early years.

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