Facebook Testing ‘Saved Replies’ for Businesses

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  • June 9, 2015

A new Facebook feature, innovatively named “Saved Replies”, will allow businesses to create, save and then reuse canned messages to communicate with their fans on Facebook.

The new feature is expected to save businesses time and help them adopt a consistent approach to messaging.

At present, Saved Replies are only available to a handful of test businesses and are accessed via the standard messaging interface. They allow page administrators to create a set of bespoke replies, save them and even search through the list at a later date to use.

Businesses are offered several set replies out-of-the-box , which they also have the option of customising, as well the ability to create their own replies from scratch.

Furthermore, there’s the ability to insert personalisations into the messages like the customer’s name, the business administrator’s name and the company name. All of which serve to give the message a more personal touch and make it sound less like an automated response – even if that’s what it is essentially.


While these new one-size-fits-all responses have the potential to streamline customer service for businesses, they should be used intelligently. There’s nothing worse than complaining to a business about an aspect of their service or one of their products and receiving what’s clearly an automated response in return.

Of course, saving time is something that modern businesses strive to do as much as possible, but in some instances quicker isn’t always better. A single mishandled customer interaction can cause a significant amount of damage to a company’s reputation; especially if it is shared and ends up going viral on social media.

It’s much better to keep your customer interactions truly personal and craft responses on an individual basis, particularly when a complaint is involved.

However, Saved Replies could definitely be used for providing standard information about your business’s products and services and relevant contact information etc.

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