Facebook to Reduce ‘Overly Promotional Pages’

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  • November 18, 2014

Another week’s gone by and another Facebook algorithm update has been rolled out to improve the overall experience for everyone who uses the social network.

This recent change, which was announced on the Facebook Newsroom last Friday, is designed to reduce overly promotional pages appearing in people’s news feeds. It won’t, however, according to Facebook, increase the number of ads that people see in their feeds.

But why are Facebook doing this? After all, people have signed up to receive stories from pages that they’ve liked and promotional posts are surely part of the deal?

Not in Facebook’s eyes…

The social networking giant says they are acting directly on user feedback, which revealed that people want to see posts from their friends and family and pages that they care about but not stuff that might be considered ‘overly promotional’.

The change, which is due to take effect in January 2015, will mean that even if someone has liked a brand or celebrity page they will be less likely to see promotional posts from said page encouraging them to purchase products, enter competitions or install apps.

The question on everybody’s lips is how this will impact Facebook’s advertising offering? And, although they have stipulated that there won’t be a sudden increase of ads in news feeds, the change will inevitably see more brands having to take out paid advertising to get in front of people.

So what can you do if you run a brand page but aren’t sure if paid advertising is right for you just yet?

Well, it seems that native video is an area which is still performing well in news feeds with more than 1 billion views a day. By ‘native’ we’re talking about video that has been created and uploaded directly to Facebook and not just links to Youtube.

But who’s to say that even native video won’t start declining in future unless you pay to boost it? That’s why it’s so important to keep abreast of every Facebook update and we’ll always strive to keep you informed as best we can.

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