Facebook’s New Events Subscribe Button Will Benefit Bands & Businesses Alike

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  • March 31, 2015
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Bands and musicians have had a very turbulent relationship with Facebook over the years, which started to go sour back in 2012 when the world’s largest social network removed the ability for bands to set a default landing tab on their page.

Then there was the drop in organic page reach that has occurred, which hasn’t happened vindictively but is instead a result of natural competition. Bands and musicians who used to think (wrongly) that every post they published would appear in front of every single page fan were starting to feel as though Facebook was working against them.

But now, with their new events subscribe button, Facebook are looking to win back the bands and ensure their fans never miss an upcoming event or gig.

Facebook have added an events subscribe button to the events section of every page on both desktop and mobile. Once subscribed, Facebook users will get a notification if their favourite band is holding an event near where they live.

The move will inevitably help musicians sell more concert/gig tickets and will go some way to restoring their faith in thee social network.


Image credit: Facebook

Furthermore, it’s not just bands who can utilise this feature and businesses who also hold local events and promotions can benefit from the new subscribe button. It will automatically appear near the ‘like’ button on the events section of every Page.

So, if your business holds local events, be sure to get to grips with this new Facebook addition ASAP. People don’t need to ‘like’ your page to subscribe, which is why it could be a rather lucrative introduction.

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