Facebook’s PMD Program to Become Facebook Marketing Partners

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  • October 24, 2014

Two days ago, Facebook announced that its Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program will be undergoing some changes in the not so distant future, which will allow marketers to more easily find the right partners to collaborate with.


Facebook’s PMD program was originally created to help businesses scale their Facebook marketing efforts, but now it’s time for it to get a makeover.


Early next year, the PMD program will be renamed Facebook Marketing Partners and it will also be restructured so that businesses can find partners based specifically on their individual needs. Partners will also get a badge displaying whether they meet or even exceed partner standards.




Furthermore, partners will be organised based on their areas of expertise, which will enable businesses to find specific partners that meet the criteria they are looking for. Moreover, the new structure will also allow businesses to conduct searches within specific industries and particular countries.


But that’s not all…


The revamped matching tool allows for searches by country, industry and speciality to be conducted, after which businesses can make contact with their desired partner direct:




Facebook also have plans to improve access to their Ads API, which will enable developers to sculpt even more innovative tools to assist marketers with their Facebook campaigns.


Don’t worry if you are already working with a partner you like, the new changes will not affect your existing relationship in any way. They are simply being implemented to streamline the process by which companies find their perfect partner.


The new Facebook Marketing Partners is great news for small businesses that want to leverage Facebook to their advantage but don’t necessarily have the expertise or budgets to do so. It’s also another example of how Facebook are always looking to improve the social networking experience for marketers.


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