Fix Website Mobility Issues Say Google

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  • January 22, 2015

Is your business website mobile-friendly? If not, why not!?! You could be losing potential revenue from mobile-wielding customers if you’re not fully accommodating them with a responsive website or mobile app.

And don’t think that the mobile compatibility issue is simply going to go away – it’s not. In fact, data revealed by IBM at the start of this year shows that mobile traffic – that is traffic from smartphones and tablets – accounted for 45 percent of the total traffic over the holiday period in the U.S. – that’s almost half!

With evidence such as this, does it not make a compelling case to drag your website, kicking and screaming if needs be, into the modern mobile era?

If it doesn’t then maybe Google’s latest move will make you sit up and take note. That’s because the world’s largest search engine has started mass emailing the webmasters of sites that aren’t fully mobile-friendly.

That’s right, Google are actually taking it upon themselves to notify website owners that they need to take action. And when Google tells you to do something, you’d better listen.

This latest development was first reported over on the Search Engine Roundtable a few days ago and it could be a sign that Google are in the midst of testing a new search algorithm; one that potentially penalises non-mobile-friendly websites in the search results that appear on mobile devices.

Still think you don’t need to update that old, non-mobile-friendly site of yours?

At the end of the day, Google’s number one goal is to improve the end-user experience and this latest step is absolute proof of that.

Have you ever viewed the Mayvin Training website on your smartphone? If you have then you’ll already know that it’s built using a responsive framework and displays – even if we do say so ourselves – rather beautifully:


Make 2015 the year in which your business embraces the mobile revolution. Failure to do so could hurt your bottom line in the long-run.

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