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  • May 3, 2016

In the past, when people wanted to share something that they enjoyed online or thought would be of interest to others, they’d email their friends a link to the specific webpage. Nowadays, however, all that has changed with the widespread popularity of social media.

Today, social sharing is king and if you haven’t got social media buttons on your website, you’re absolutely missing a trick.

It’s important to note that there are actually two types of social media button: sharing buttons and follow buttons.

Social media sharing buttons

These are the most popular type of social media buttons and the ones most people think of. They usually appear at the top, bottom and sides of pages and posts, and their primary function is to enable content to be shared effortlessly across a variety of social networks.

Social media follow buttons

These are the social media buttons you usually see at the bottom of webpages or in bespoke widgets to the side, which link directly to the company’s social media pages and encourage people to ‘like’ them. Their primary goal is to boost the brand’s following on social media.

Where should they go?

The answer to that question is: wherever they have the most impact and get used the most. That means you could be in for some trial and error testing, but it shouldn’t be too time consuming. Basically just experiment a bit. As a rule of thumb, though, most people tend to place them before or after your content, or floating to the left or right.

In fact, multiple placements work well, especially as the buttons themselves aren’t too clunky, and an approach such as this overcomes the problem of people not finishing a piece of content right to the end. This is why floating buttons have become extremely popular.

If your site is built using WordPress (like ours), you can take advantage of the many different social sharing plugins that are available. Simply search the plugin section in your website’s admin dashboard, or perform a Google search for ‘social sharing plugins’ and see which ones people recommend.

Why not try out our own social sharing buttons to the left of this post :-)

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