Google+ now Enabling Content Curation

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  • May 7, 2015

Google Plus has long been criticised for trying to directly compete with Facebook in terms of feature set and in many respects, failing to live up to expectations. But now it seems that Google are taking a leaf out of Pinterest’s book and going more down the content curation route with their social network.

Back in March, we told you about Google’s decision to break up Google Plus into two parts: Photos and Streams, but now a new “Collections” feature has been implemented to allow users to build content collections focussed around their hobbies and interests.

Google announced the introduction of the Collections feature via a Google Plus post a couple of days ago.

After creating their first collection, a new tab will appear on the user’s Google Plus page allowing others to find and follow their shared content collections. In addition, any posts from followed collections will appear in the follower’s Google Plus stream.

Google say that the decision to launch the Collections feature was made based on their observations of how users were using Google Plus. They noticed that users were coming together around shared interests, but had no way of organising content effectively.collections-screensCollections are more personal than communities as they’re built by individual users and are likely to allow users to establish their authority on certain subjects.

So if your business is currently using Pinterest as a marketing tool, maybe you should consider giving Google Plus another go (if you’re not already utilising it).

It could emerge as another fantastic way for companies to get their visual content out there and in front of the people who matter.

Do you use Google Plus at present? If not, is the Collections feature likely to get you to give it a try?

We’d love to hear your thoughts below…



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