Google planning new fullscreen mobile ads

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  • September 30, 2014
GoogleLaunches New MobileAds Display

Google is developing a new set of ad formats which are designed to make mobile advertising more appealing to brands. After all, the ubiquity of mobile means that it presents a huge opportunity for advertisers providing effective formats are available.


Until now, however, mobile ads have mainly been small banner-type affairs that advertisers didn’t find very appealing. They carried little in terms of impact and that’s why Google want to change that.


Enter the ‘interstitial’ – Google’s hard-to-overlook, fullscreen mobile ad that will allow brands to reach their audiences via the small screen – in much the same way as TV commercials reach viewers via the big screen.


Google’s director of product management for display ads, Jonathan Alferness, told AdAge the new ad formats would be “similar to what people are used to on TV”.


But will fullscreen ads prove too irksome for many mobile users? Mr. Alferness doesn’t seem to think so and said that the ads would appear “at a logical break point” and would not be “particularly jarring to users”.


Therefore, you can expect these ads to pop up when clicking on a news article or in breaks between what you’re doing on your smartphone. Furthermore, a new form of mobile video ad will be rolled out – the likes of which have previously only been seen in mobile games. But, like Youtube ads, you’ll be able to skip or hide them if they’re not to your liking.


This example of a mobile lightbox engagement ad shows the two states that the ad will appear in – invitation and expanded:






As you can see, this format provides advertisers with a lot of scope to create highly effective mobile ad campaigns.


If your business is not already pushing mobile ads then maybe Google’s new generation of display ads for a multi-screen world will be the excuse you’ve been looking for to start.


Further information about all the new mobile ad formats can be found on Google’s Inside AdWords blog.






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