Half of Google’s page one search results are HTTPS

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  • April 26, 2017

If you weren’t already aware of the importance of having a secure website, perhaps a recent post on the Moz blog will hit it home for you.

According to Moz’s Pete Meyers, 50% of Google’s page one search results are HTTPS. That’s up 30% since Moz last checked back in July 2016.

Furthermore, if this trend continues, around 65% of Google’s page one search results could be HTTPS by the end of the year.

This chart from Moz shows where we are right now (50%) and where we will be if the trend continues:


It’s a pretty amazing projection when you consider Google only started this push in 2014 by rewarding HTTPS sites with a ranking boost.

And it’s not just Moz that has noticed the change. Rank Ranger operates a similar, but entirely different tracking system to Moz, and they found approximately 50% of Google’s page one search results were also HTTPS.

The consistency between the two suggests that HTTPS websites are definitely getting noticed more now.

So if your business website isn’t already secure, it should definitely be something you consider doing going forward – especially if your site is new as the switch is a lot easier.

Security certificates can be obtained cheap nowadays (some are even free!), and the risks are low.

For existing websites, it’s a lot tougher, particularly if you’ve got hundreds of pages. Any big changes carry risks, and there have been a few horror stories this past year which might put people off going fully secure. As a minimum, make sure any of your webpages that collect personal information or process transactions are secure in the first instance.

More information about securing your website with HTTPS can be found in this Google support document.

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