Hashtags now working on Pinterest

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  • October 4, 2017

While Pinterest has always been an amazing platform on which to discover an array of stunning visual content, its lack of working hashtags (i.e. hashtags that actually serve a purpose) has been something that has turned many pinners off.

The bottom line is that while you have always been able to put hashtags in your Pinterest posts, their effectiveness was questionable. They were confusing, didn’t work the way many of us expected and could actually push people away from your content to other people’s pins.

However, at the end of last month, Pinterest revealed in a blog post that hashtags are now “working” on their platform.

Clicking a hashtag in a pin will display all the other pins on Pinterest that contain said hashtag. The freshest pins will always appear at the top of the list, according to Pinterest.

Pinterest advises that people should keep their hashtags “specific and descriptive”, and use words that describe the content contained in the pin. Pinterest also recommends that you add no more than 20 hashtags per pin. 

If you can, use hashtags that are timely and evergreen too. For example, #oscars, #backtoschool, #halloween) and/or #mealplanning, #hairgoals, #homedecor.

Interestingly, Pinterest says that promoted pins will not appear in any hashtag feeds. This is a revelation that suggests they simply want to see first how pinners utilise them, rather than releasing a new feature and trying to monetise it immediately – a move that actually shows they’ve got their user base in mind first and foremost.

Nevertheless, we can almost certainly expect promoted pins to appear in hashtag feeds going forward. It’s inevitable. The interesting part will be whether they appear higher than organic ones, regardless of their age and the amount of engagement they’ve received.

This Pinterest hashtag help article has some more information for you to digest.

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