Boost your chances of being retweeted with this simple trick

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  • July 26, 2017

A quick Twitter trick for you today to potentially help boost your follower count and increase your chances of having one of your tweets retweeted by an influencer or big brand.

What is this magic technique, you ask?

It’s simply giving credit where credit is due and tagging appropriate people in your tweets. For example, if you find an interesting piece of content on the web that you want to share with your followers, consider tagging the individual or brand who created it in your tweet.

So let’s say┬áI want to share a link to a news story on that I think my audience will find interesting. Everything I need to create the tweet and tag the relevant Sky News account is right there on the page:


The URL I want to share is at the top and there are links to the Sky News Twitter and Facebook profiles located towards the right side. Clicking on the Twitter one takes me to the Sky News Australia Twitter page where I can see the exact Twitter handle:


Now it’s just a case of constructing my tweet, adding the URL and tagging Sky News (@SkyNewsAust).

So when should you look to tag people/brands in your post?

The answer to that question is as often as possible (where appropriate). Now we say “where appropriate” just to emphasise that tagging people randomly is definitely not cool and will earn you a reputation as a spammer.

Here are a few examples of when you should look to tag people/brands in your tweets:

  • When you are sharing a link to content created by someone else (giving credit where credit is due)
  • If you want to include someone who was present at an event you are talking about
  • To alert someone to a particular tweet

The best part of all is that there’s a chance the person or brand you tag will retweet your tweet to their own followers – multiplying its organic reach and potentially earning you new followers in the process.

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