How To Create a Branded Image

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  • September 25, 2014
how to create a consistent brand online

Once you have determined your style or brand components you have to be able to create content on the fly.


When I say content I am referring to articles and images. I believe every good article should be supported with a great image.


You can find images in many places on the internet (my favourite is mentioned in this article Where Can I Buy Stock Images), but I encourage you to go one step further. Make the image recognizable by adding your brand.


That raises a challenge in itself. How to create a branded image?


Here are the 10 steps I use to create branded images for my blog posts.


Step 1 – Download the image you want to use


Step 2 – Log in to Canva. Canva is my absolute favourite online tool for creating images of all shapes and sizes. I love it! It’s free, it’s easy and it’s quick.


Step 3 – Open a blank canvas to suit the image size you want/need. For my blog I use images that are 600 pixels wide and 300 pixels high. This is not a standard or mandatory size, but it’s what I like.


Step 4 – Upload the image to Canva (click on upload on the left of the screen and then upload from your computer)


Step 5 – Drag the image from the uploads to your blank canvas and resize to fit the canvas


Step 6 – Upload your logo and drag it into position. Adjust the size to suit


Step 7 – Drag on some text and write a caption, headline, statement


Step 8 – Download your new branded, resized image (by clicking download or link – top right of screen), then click image for jpeg file


Step 9 – Upload the image to your blog post


Step 10 – Share your blog post with a beautifully branded graphic to support it



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