How to Turn Your Employees Into Social Media Advocates

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  • January 25, 2017

We all want to expand our business’s social media reach and that means taking advantage of every opportunity that comes along. But there’s one huge asset that many businesses often overlook when it comes to their social media marketing efforts: their employees.

The bottom line, though, is that the vast majority (if not all) of your employees will already have their own social media profiles/accounts and be posting stuff on a regular basis. Imagine if you could harness all those accounts to help boost your brand. By turning your staff into social media advocates you can!

Here are three tips to help get your employees on board and your brand boosted:

1. Make Workplace Culture a Priority

Happy employees are more likely than unhappy ones to paint your business in a favourable light on social media. That’s why promoting a strong employee culture is so important, even for the smallest of businesses. The best part is that it doesn’t even need to cost that much. Try some initiatives like Wednesday drinks or pizza Friday. You’ll be surprised how just small changes can have a big impact on your employees’ morale.

2. Educate Your Employees on Social Media Best Practices

Have you ever given your staff any formal social media training? Chances are you haven’t. But it could be win-win all round. They’ll benefit from some training – something that most employees relish – and your brand will (hopefully) benefit by being featured in more of their posts going forward. Just be sure to create and communicate a company-wide social media policy so that everyone knows how you expect them to act while representing your brand online.

3. Track Metrics and Praise Accordingly

As with any social media initiative, it’s important to track how well it’s working using the various analytics programs that are out there. See which of your employees’ tweets and/or Facebook posts are gaining the most traction and praise the individual responsible for them accordingly.

Has anyone got their employees successfully pushing their brand via social media? We’d love to hear your stories…

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