Instagram rolls out ‘Stories’, becomes more like Snapchat

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  • August 9, 2016

We recently told you about Snapchat’s new Memories feature, which seemingly goes against everything that the ephemeral messaging app¬†stands for by letting users save images and videos so they don’t disappear. Many people have since commented that the move has made Snapchat a lot more like Instagram.

Well now it’s Instagram’s turn to roll out a new feature that marks a huge change for the platform and, rather conveniently, makes it much similar to Snapchat.

Instagram Stories, as it’s known, has been introduced in an attempt to get people creating and sharing more content on the platform.

The catch? Any photos and videos shared in an Instagram Story vanish after 24 hours. Instagram Stories content will appear in a slideshow format, but won’t show on your profile grid or main Instagram feed.


Image credit: Snapchat

Unlike regular Instagram posts, Stories cannot be liked or commented on publicly. People are instead encouraged to message the story creator via¬†Instagram Direct if they want to comment on something they’ve seen.

Instagram says that the Stories feature is designed to allow its users to not only share the moments they want to remember forever, but also every other highlight that occurs in their lives.

There’s no denying that Instagram (like Pinterest) has always held enormous potential for brands that create and share lots of visual content. When it first burst onto the scene with its clever filters and editing tools, people loved it.

The most powerful part of all for us as social media marketers, though, is the fact that Instagram Stories will use an algorithm that’s driven by Facebook data. This will see the Stories feed filled with content based on how appealing it is likely to be to users.

Bottom line: algorithm-dependent feeds allow the social networks to control posts and that lends itself beautifully to the pay-for-play advertising model we are increasingly seeing nowadays.

You can find out more about the Stories feature on the official Instagram blog.

How many of you use Instagram on a regular basis as part of your social media strategy? Will Instagram Stories make a big splash? We’d love to hear your thoughts…

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