Keep Social Media Simple

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  • June 27, 2012

Everywhere you turn there are people trying to outdo each other. Who has the best hair, the most feature-rich car or the flashiest clothes? This is always the case and in some respects it seems to be a trend that is working. Others do notice when you have on diamonds instead of silver. However, it is important to note that not everything has to be flashy and extravagant.

When it comes to your social media site and the way it is presented, you want to give off the right impression. You do not want a blog that is decked out with the latest gadgets, but that people will have a hard time navigating. You do not want a Facebook page that prevents easy interaction from your fans. Do not let that be mistaken for not wanting a design. The social media design that you choose is going to say a lot about you. It will tell people if you are professional or simply seeking attention. That is why it is always best to keep it simple. The simpler it is for the fan to read, navigate and understand; the more likely they are to stay.

What you have to remember is that social media design goes far beyond the colours and graphics that are used. It extends into how it’s laid out, how you use and how others can take advantage of it as well. Take care with your profiles to provide the best results. Keep it simple, keep it easy and you will see the rewards of the effort and cost you have put into it.

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