LinkedIn’s Latest Feature Update: Showcase Pages

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  • December 11, 2013

LinkedIn Showcase pagesLast month, LinkedIn unveiled its latest feature called “Showcase Pages”. For businesses that have to find a target audience for different services, the Showcase Pages can work as a huge advantage because it streamlines information from the company, making it less overwhelming for followers who read their updates. This latest feature is what sets LinkedIn apart from all other social networking platforms.

Breaking Down Specifics of the Showcase Pages

Showcase pages work like sub-categories in a company’s page. For instance, Microsoft’s main LinkedIn page has different showcase pages for its other products like the Office and Dynamics. When a company like Microsoft has plenty of products to offer its followers, its audience becomes segmented. On a social networking platform where audience reach is usually just a fraction of its total followers, a more compartmentalised way of connecting to a target audience has its benefits. LinkedIn’s VP for Marketing Solutions Products David Thacker explains what this is, “It’s about having the presence, but it’s also about being targeted about who sees the message.”

Showcase Pages make brand specific pages for the business, resulting in better content marketing and building good relationships with a niche audience. As rounded up on Social Media Examiner, a business that has a main company page on LinkedIn can:

  • Create up to 10 Showcases Pages for free.
  • Create paid advertisements for each of these pages. This means companies can buy ads to increase followers for every single showcase page, or sponsor an update to widen its reach.
  • Post company or product updates on the different Showcases Pages
  • Make product-specific announcements on dedicated pages
  • Share links, blog posts and industry news to a specific Showcase Page.

Setting Up Showcase Pages

The process of setting up a showcase page is relatively simple, as companies only need to identify brands, products and units that will gain from having this. Click on the Edit Menu of the main company profile and then select “Create a Showcase Page” option. From there, it’s easy to start customising the page as per usual, as well as share engaging content.

Showcase Pages versus Groups Page and Main Page

There are some differences as to how this new feature operates on LinkedIn, as opposed to groups and the company main page.  Microsoft, for example, has an existing group page on the platform, on top of its showcase pages, and of course its main page.

CONTROL on Showcase Page

One clear distinction is that it is still companies who have the main control of the contents within its showcase pages. On the other hand, LinkedIn groups have a group administrator controlling the content. Administrators may not necessarily be part of the company.

LinkedIn Showcase Page LAYOUT

There is also slight difference in the layout within the Showcase Page. The use of higher resolution images to boost presentation and appearance is allowed, while below it, are two columns for all of the content. The Main Page has tabs for “Products and Services” which is not present in a Showcase Page.

In summary, your business page remains to be the central hub on LinkedIn, while the Showcase Pages serves as the sub-categories where target audience is defined and addressed by specific needs and goals.

To date, there are about three million company pages on LinkedIn that can make use of the features for the Showcase Pages.

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