Stop Waiting! Your Local Business Should be Online

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  • March 18, 2013
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Australians are learning to discover the ease of using the Internet for acquiring what they need, be it goods or services. There is a steady growth of Australian consumers becoming familiar with online transactions. But with so many local businesses still without Internet presence, companies overseas are benefitting from the Australian market.

If you have a local business, then perhaps this is the right time to consider setting up operations online and capitalize on this rising economy.

But what must you do and where do you start?

Going about it requires a huge amount of planning. You need to consider these key areas, because setting up an online business isn’t simply about having a website on the Internet. The site should also be able to evolve as you expand your business.


How will your website look? What are these visitors most likely going to do when they are on our website? You have to consider appearance, as well as all the other fluff that goes with having a pleasant-looking and functional website.

  • To do:

    Hire the services of a local web designer to help you with putting your concept into reality. This may cost money but a website, if done and maintained well, is going to be a worthy investment.


What is there to see on your site that will have visitors returning and telling others about it? How often are you supposed to update these contents? You need to visualize long-term plans for this so that your site can sustain its online presence.

  • To do:

    Find images, videos and stories in relation to what your business is offering. You may have to hire someone to communicate this for you in words that can draw in viewers and attract traffic. You may have to rely on the services of a content provider who can optimize your site for you.


If you need to set up an online store, your site should have a well-stocked listing of products and a functional shopping and payment feature that will make it convenient for your online visitors to use.

  • To do:

    Discuss incorporating this service with your web designer. This feature may require a learning curve, but once you understand how the database functions, it would be very easy to keep track of products, sales, client records and payments.


As the environment can be fast and interactive on the Internet, there are several ways to go about marketing your product or services. You have social media, review sites and a host of different online marketing strategies to rely on.

  • To do:

    Explore social media and review sites and take an active part in it. You may have to consult with experts on how to do Internet marketing by joining workshops or hiring someone to help you with this.

Sounds like there’s a lot to do, but there’s no better time to get started with this than right now. You can improve your competitiveness and expand operations of your local business if you take advantage of the online boom.

Mayvin Training can help you with any of these areas should you require assistance to make sure your business is standing out online and capturing your share of the market. Enquire today to see how we can help you.

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