Mark Zuckerberg’s First Public Q&A

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  • November 9, 2014
Mark Zuckerberg live Q&A

I love this! As Facebook users we can get frustrated by changes and we make assumptions about why they make those changes. What better way to give people clarification about changes, what’s coming, why things happen …. let them ask and answer them! Mark Zuckerberg’s first public Q&A shows how in tune he is with what’s happening at Facebook. I particularly love that you can see his passion and drive to connect the world.



Some important parts in the video:

  • 5 minutes in Mark Zuckerberg talks about why they developed the Messenger App. (You may not believe it, but it wasn’t to have access to all of your personal information on your phone)
  • 10 minutes in – what cool features have you developed but never released.
  • 16 minutes in Mark Zuckerberg talks about organic page reach.Why the decline? (and it’s not because he has a personal vendetta against your business)
  • 21.30 minutes in – how accurate is The Social Network (the answer – not too accurate and actually somewhat hurtful)
  • 26 minutes in Mark is asked do you have any programs for young people starting companies
  • 29.30 minutes Mark is asked is Facebook going to take over the world lol ….. VOIP, messaging, connectivity – Mark talks about
  • 34 minutes  Mark is asked is Facebook losing it’s charm and how can users avoid information overload? Mark’s answer is great. Facebook’s purpose was never to be cool and you can use lists to filter content – but they are working to improve further. 
  • 42.40 minutes – Mark is asked why he wears the same shirt everyday? (one of his best answers! In short – to conserve energy so he can “serve” the community of over 1 billion people)
  • 45 minutes Mark tells how he keeps his passion

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