Moving Moments: Video Ads Performing Well on Instagram

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  • March 26, 2015
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The photo-centric social network Instagram introduced video ads back in October last year and since then global brands have been driving measurable success in just 15 seconds. Using videos that showcase a new clothing line, an upcoming movie or even a tantalising recipe, brands are leveraging the visual appeal of Instagram to connect with their intended audiences.

Instagram believe that life is all about sharing moments and what better way to capture and share than video – particularly as nearly everyone nowadays has a smartphone which is capable of recording videos on-the-go.

Video ads were first made available in the U.S. but have since spread to many other countries, including the UK, Australia, France and Canada.

One of the first brands to take advantage of video ads in the U.S. was Banana Republic. They used some innovative time-lapse videos to promote their latest winter collection and brought to life various looks from it.

They reported that the campaigns were a great success and gave the brand a significant boost in ad recall and encouraged people to associate it with “fashion-forward¬†clothing”.

Instagram have a lot of faith in the potential of their video ads and believe that companies can realise a lot of success if they follow some simple rules:

1. All videos on Instagram play automatically WITHOUT sound. Therefore, advertisers should craft their custom videos to be just as effective with no audio. If people choose to listen to the audio then that should be seen as a bonus.

2. The best-performing videos have motion right at the beginning. Instagram users may not think your ad is a video if they don’t see any movement at the start and could overlook it.

3. Instagram videos are only 15 seconds long, so it’s crucial to pace your ad accordingly. Consider the effect of pacing on your video’s tone, mood, story and conveyed emotion when you are creating it.

4. The perspective of your video is important and many brands have found that using an elevated camera position makes the viewer feel more in control.

The Instagram for Business blog contains more tips and trick for maximising the effectiveness of your 15 second videos.

Is your business utilising Instagram as part of its social media strategy? Have you considered video ads as part of your campaigns?

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